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Opening Mid Summer 2014 – The Spa at Aspen Lodge

A limited spa menu is available until our opening

Our focus for the Spa at Aspen Lodge is to offer a haven of simplicity. Our therapies are designed to revitalize the body and activate the mind. We offer holistic - preventative therapies for maintenance of health and stamina as well as treatments for chronic conditions that prevent optimum performance and enjoyment of life.
We look to provide you a beautiful space to leave behind the stress and simply rest or be as active as you want. As your body and mind takes a vacation, you will move into a quiet place where resolution and peace fills the soul.


Our Current Spa Offerings


Outdoor - Evening Foot Massage

Provided Outdoors on our veranda looking at the magnificent view while enjoying a Wine and Cheese Duo

$105 – 60 minutes (sit and enjoy the views as long as you want)

Book this specialized aromatherapy and mud mask wraps tired feet and legs after a long hike. This most relaxing treatment is provided outdoors on our large deck where you will enjoy magnificent views of Longs Peak, while enjoying a wine and cheese crackers duo. This treatment books quickly every evening. Please reserve in advance - -


Aromatherapy Couples Massage

$95 per person – 60 minutes

Enjoy a massage together where tow therapists will customize the treatment according to your needs. Choose the aromatherapy of your choice to add the perfect intention and setting for this special times.

Native American Reflection – Mud Wrap and Massage

$120 – 90 minutes

Reflective of a Native American ceremony and ritual, this treatment utilizes sacred elements, which begins by inviting energy from the four directions of the Medicine Wheel, which represents the four stages of life. 

Next, you receive a dry brushing followed by a native clay wrap with your chosen “Direction” aromatherapy blend.  Following, you are wrapped in the Circle of Life blanket with special herbs from the high mountains, which are used to create the warmth of a sweat lodge and honor the Wisdom Keepers. 

While wrapped, an energy point facial treatment is performed while herbal incense is burned for the intention to bring good things and experience the positive way of life.  To finish, a light massage is given to quiet and soothe the central nervous system. This beautiful ceremony allows you to reconnect with your inner self and keep the sacred wisdom of the Native American culture alive.

Mountain Forest  – Signature Massagemassage

$95 – 60 minutes

Expanded Treatment given Mountainside in our Elegant Spa Tent
$145 – Two Hours

Our signature massage is an uplifting treat!  The Mountain Forest essential oil blend is made with native conifer oils, frankincense and organic bergamot to relax the mind while boosting immune function and aiding in altitude adjustment.

Your luxurious massage is enhanced with targeted compressions and warm aromatic compresses to help you relax and release. During the massage, you are misted with pure forest hydrosols that soothe and protect the respiratory system while creating natural hydration and repair in the process.


Wisdom Of Stonesspa services

$110 – 60 minutes

Muscles are melted with arnica oil and the radiant heat of ancient basalt stones. Your therapist works through successive muscle layers, priming the body to focus its regenerative powers in that area. The heat from the stones activates aromatic herbs creating a symphony of healing scents; and we end with lengthening stretches and pressure point holds on the head leaving you relaxed yet humming with vitality.

Chinese Optimal Energy & Health Consultation

$150 – 60 minutes

The world's oldest continuously practiced form of herbal medicine uses potent healing formulas to address health challenges.  After a traditional evaluation you will be guided in how to take care of your overall health condition and receive herbal and lifestyle recommendations to help you achieve optimum health and emotional well-being.


I Ching Reading with Master Chen

$200 – 60 minutes candle

Your personal I Ching reading takes into account the 8 Trigrams of the I Ching and the central position around which they all rotate – known as the T’ai Chi. This gives a total of 9 Stars. These Trigrams relate to the compass directions of North, South, East, West, and of the intercardinal directions of Northeast, Southeast, Southwest and Northwest. They also incorporate the symbolism from each of the Trigrams, for example, Mountain, or Wind, or Thunder.  All of these Stars rotate in 9-year cycles, 9-month cycles, and also 9-day cycles.  This special I Ching reading by Master Chen, originally from the Wudang Mountains in China (the birth place of Taoist culture), will help you understand the flow of your life at any given time and will be vital for understanding your life pattern. 


Downloadable Spa Menu

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